Kim Fogah

Kim Fogah: Entrepreneur and Caretaker

Kim Fogah’s journey from entrepreneurship to caretaking is driven by her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. Formerly running a successful logistics business, she discovered that her true fulfillment came from caring for people, which led her to pursue nursing education. Her decision to transition into caretaking and nursing was encouraged by her daughter, reflecting Kim’s natural inclination towards empathy and compassion.

From Entrepreneur to Caretaker

While Kim Fogah could have continued down the path of a logistics professional, owning and operating her own business, she had a crystal-clear idea of what she wanted to do in her future. Learn how you can implement your true passions with your career.

A Guiding Light in Healthcare

Becoming a dedicated caregiver while pursuing her education to become a nurse is all part of a personal mission for Kim Fogah. Implementing compassion and the human nature to help other Kim Fogah has left patients in much better care.

Running a Successful Logistics Business

Logistics is planning – meticulous planning that requires keen management and sharp executive functioning to meet the demands of the business. For Kim Fogah, one element that was essential was acquiring new vehicles and it was one of the many constraints and challenges.
Kim fogah

"I love taking care of people and it's something that is naturally within me."

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Kim Fogah

My personal mission is to make people’s lives just a bit better, to make the caregiving process a bit smoother and to truly be a friend to those in need

Kim Fogah

Kim Fogah in the Media

Kim Fogah’s greatest achievements are marked by her profound impact in the realms of entrepreneurship, caretaking, and nursing. As an entrepreneur, she successfully established and operated a logistics business, demonstrating her business acumen and determination​.

However, her true calling was realized in her transition to caretaking and nursing, where her natural empathy and compassion shone through. This major career shift, encouraged by her daughter, allowed her to fulfill her personal mission of improving the lives of the elderly and those in need of care​.

Kim’s dedication to her education in nursing while balancing her responsibilities as a caregiver and a mother further highlights her commitment to her goals and her passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of others​​​.

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